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Oct 5, 2023Liked by Robert P. Jones

Robert, I am currently about two-thirds of the way through “Hidden Roots” and have so many notes, highlights and dog-eared pages. The historical record of your thesis is truly remarkable.

You are so very right about honoring Indigenous peoples instead of the man who unleashed the genocidal Doctrine which still haunts our nation today.

Reading this post reminded me of a quote from “Hidden Roots”:

“They ask, “Why do we still gotta talk about this, why does this still matter?” There’s something in the roots of our community that needs to be dug out so that this can never happen again. And that’s the reality, we’re talking about it because we never fixed the problem. We never solved the problem.”

(Pg 173 print ed).

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day would be a great first step. We cannot fix what we refuse to name. Thank you for your moral clarity.

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