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Registered, thank you! Your Zoom with Diana Butler Bass was outstanding, so informative. It will be a privilege to sit in on your next discussion with the great Anthea Butler Thursday night.

I’ve finished MS, MN and OK in the book, need a breather before hearing your final 2 chapters. I am living proof it’s never too late to learn, and this education is beyond humbling and necessary. I do so hope we are in an actual, extended period of opening eyes, opening ears, opening hearts... an aWOKEening. I think it is long past due the way you consistently point at clergy for their *absence* of leadership (usually), with an occasional burst of genuine contrition and repentance. We need to flip that equation so that the white supremacists hiding behind collars & Bibles become the few bad apples nobody wants to touch.

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I hope the recording will be available. I caught the last half and it was excellent. Thank you so much for writing this book and helping to open eyes and hearts. It makes me hopeful for a better future.

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