Sitemap - 2021 - White Too Long by Robert P. Jones

Looking Back: Facing White Christianity's Role in the January 6th Insurrection

Tuesday Conversations S1E18 [AUDIO]: As Omicron Surges, A Personal Reflection about Vulnerable People and Unvaccinated White Evangelicals

Chanting "Demographics are Destiny" Won't Save Our Democracy

Tuesday Conversations, S1E17 (PODCAST): How Do You Talk about White Supremacy with a Comedian? My attempt on "Standup! with Pete Dominick"

It's the Most "Anger-Filled" Time of the Year?

Tuesday Conversations, S1E16 (VIDEO) - Kelly Brown Douglas and Resurrection Hope: A Future Where Black Lives Matter

Advent, Race, and the Intimacy of Incarnation

Tuesday Conversations, S1E15 (PODCAST): What Do Churches Do about Being White Too Long?

Tuesday Conversations, S1E14 (NPR PODCAST): Understanding the Causes and Consequences of White Evangelical Fear

Free as F^(< : Kyle Rittenhouse, Whiteness, and a Divinely-Ordained License to Kill

Tuesday Conversations, S1E13 (VIDEO): How White Christian America Must Change

Crowdsourcing Stories of Truth-telling, Repair, and Healing

Tuesday Conversations, S1E12 (PODCAST): Can the White American Church Find Its Way from Its Segregationist Past to a Diverse Future?

It's the Culture, Stupid.

Tuesday Conversations, S1E11 (VIDEO): What Does it Mean that 30% of Republicans Believe Violence may be Necessary to "Save the Country"?

The Scandal of the Persistent "Color Line" in American Christianity

Tuesday Conversations, S1E10 (PODCAST): White Evangelicals and White Supremacy, on The Holy Post with Skye Jethani

Shutting Down the Manufactured Critical Race Theory "Debate"

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 9 (PODCAST): The White Too Long Backstory, with Terry Gross on NPR's FRESH AIR

Seven Things White Christians Can Do to Address White Supremacy at Church

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 8 (VIDEO): Robin DiAngelo and Robert P. Jones: White Fragility and Why We've Been White Too Long

Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? The Damaging Christian "Doctrine of Discovery" at the Heart of the American Identity Crisis

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 7 (VIDEO): White Supremacy and Local Churches, with Rev. Dr. Joel Hunter and Rev. Terence Gray

The Unmaking of the White Christian Worldview

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 6 (Video): A Conversation about White Christian Nationalism, with Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Amanda Tyler

Gratitude for the Incandescent Witness of James Baldwin

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 5 (Video): Decoding the Battles over Race & Gender among White Evangelicals, with Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Adelle Banks

Facing the Clear and Present Danger Lurking Among White Evangelicals Today

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 4 (Video): White Christian Nationalism, with Jemar Tisby and Amanda Tyler

White Christian nationalism found fertile soil in post-9/11 America

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 3 (Video): White Evangelical Racism, with Anthea Butler

Arthur Ashe versus the Confederacy

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 2 (VIDEO): Christians Against Christianity? With Obery Hendricks Jr. and Friends

Saving Our Churches from Dylann Roof's White Jesus

Tuesday Conversations, Episode 1 (VIDEO): White Supremacy and Christianity, with Jennifer Harvey

Honoring the Honest Contradictions at James Madison's Montpelier Plantation

Facing up to White Christianity’s Role in the US Capitol Assault on January 6th

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