Sitemap - 2022 - White Too Long by Robert P. Jones

WTL Conversations S2E17 [podcast]: Reflections on the Biggest Trends in Religion, Culture, and Politics with Interfaith America's Eboo Patel

WTL Conversations S2E16 [Video]: Will Republicans and White Evangelicals Take this Losing Moment to Break with Trump?

The Dangerous Worldview of Republican Election Deniers

WTL Conversations S2E15 [video]: Half of White Evangelicals, Republicans Say God Intended America to be a Promised Land for European Christians

White Evangelicals Won't Recoil Against MAGA in the Midterms

Invitation: Release of Major New Survey of American Attitudes on Confederate Monuments and Inclusive Public Spaces

WTL Conversations [S2E14]: White Supremacy, Christian Nationalism, and the Fragile Future of the American Experiment

What the Curious History of 'Judeo-Christian’ can Teach us about Defeating White Christian Nationalism Today

WTL Conversations [S2E13]: New Appearances with Joy Reid and Pete Dominick Discussing Implications of SCOTUS Decisions

WTL Conversations [S2E12]: An Interview with Dr. Marcia Pally

Let’s Celebrate this Fourth of July without the Myth of White Christian Innocence

This Supreme Court's Troubling Understanding of "History and Tradition"

Taking the White Christian Nationalist Symbols at the January 6 Insurrection Seriously

It’s Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy and Violence

The Beloved Community and the Heresy of White Replacement

Alito and Public Opinion Reveal the Link Between Roe and a Broader White Christian Nationalist Agenda

WTL Conversations S2E11 [video]: Kelly Brown Douglas, Shane Claiborne, and I on White Discomfort and Christianity

Moving Lightly Through This World: Reflections on the Weight of White Christian Innocence

WTL Conversations S2E10 [video]: Jesus, John Wayne, and Biblical Womanhood - With Beth Allison Barr, Aimee Byrd, and Kristin Du Mez

WTL Conversations S2E9 [video]: Do We Want to be Healed? Mia Moody-Ramirez and Robert P. Jones on Racism in the White Church

WTL Conversations S2E8 [audio]: Shane Claiborne and Robert P. Jones on Christianity and White Discomfort

Tuesday Conversations S2E7 [video]: Michael Eric Dyson and Isabel Wilkerson on Race and Caste in America

Tuesday Conversations S2E6 [AUDIO]: Two Dialogues on White Christian Nationalism with Me and Paul Djupe, Hosted by Dwight Moody at The Meeting House

Tuesday Conversations S2E5 [video]: Diana Butler Bass, Lamar Hardwick, and Brian Allain, via Compassionate Christianity

Tuesday Conversations S2E4 [VIDEO]: Kelly Brown Douglas with Danté Stewart

The Sacred Work of White Discomfort

Tuesday Conversations S2E3 [PODCAST]: Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis and I Talk Faith, Politics--and, yes, Love.

Beyond 'I Have a Dream': Meditations on Martin Luther King Jr.'s Hard Words for White Christians

Tuesday Conversations S2E2 [PODCAST]: Reflections on Blending Memoir and Data in White Too Long

Tuesday Conversations S2E1 [PODCAST] -- Insurrection and Incarnation: White Christians, Trump, and the January 6th US Capitol Insurrection